Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cobwebs in my Brain--and a Poem

Cobwebs are nearly a feature of the decor in my house. I hate cleaning, and my theory is that as long as the spiders stay up there and catch flies, we can coexist. But this morning I woke up with cobwebs in my brain. 

Not the kind made by spiders, of course, but the kind made by staying up too late and getting up too early--plus taking a couple of medications that say, "Do not operate heavy machinery while taking this medication." 

Which brings up a question: Just what qualifies as heavy machinery? Heavy is pretty subjective, don't you think? I assume I'm allowed to use my blender and not allowed to drive an end loader. But in between lies a vast category of machinery that's "a little bit heavy" or "almost heavy" or "heavy, but not quite heavy enough to prevent the taking of medications." What about my car? Is it heavy machinery?

This morning I opted to let Hubby drive to church--that's how cobwebby my brain was. I also opted not to volunteer to run one of the television cameras--a job I sometimes do because everyone else is too busy or too lazy or too intimidated to tackle it. (It isn't that difficult if you have more than four hours of sleep. A college class in studio production helps, too.)

A long afternoon nap cleared the cobwebs out of my head. Wish I could clear the cobwebs out of my house that pleasantly.

On a more serious note, I'm sure I've used this here before, but with the prompt for this week being "cobwebs," I couldn't resist. Besides, it's one of my favorites of the poems I've written.


Is like the silken touch of cobweb
Against the cheek,
And often just as absently
Brushed away.


  1. This is inspired. And I love the poem. By inspired, I mean, head cobwebs! Love it. I'm no co-existing with any danged spiders, though. These cobwebs gotta go...ugh.

  2. Love the poem! Thank you for sharing, if it is "again", I'm glad for it. Thank you for sharing, hope you get more sleep!

  3. I think everyone gets cobwebs on the brain. Glad a nice nap refreshed you and cleared yours away.


  4. Taking meds can definitely put cobwebs in the brain, so you're smart to let your husband drive to church. Love your poem.

    1. YEAH!!! ! YOU"RE BACK!!!!!!!!!! loved this..and felt that cobweb on my cheek i did...(didn't wipe it off)

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  5. Loved the poem! If this is what cobwebs do to you, then having them shouldn't be a problem :)

  6. Happy to say that I was catching a little cold, not responding to my medications. Another nap on Monday, and by Tuesday I was breathing easily and rarin to go to my critique group. Thank you all for your concern and your compliments.