Monday, July 18, 2011

The Wolfing Moon--Midnight

When the prompt for this week's blog turned out to be "midnight," the question wasn't what I would write, but which of the pieces I had in my files should I post. Should I post a short poem? My long narrative poem? The first chapter of my novel? I kind of did the one stone thing and opted for a short poem I quoted in my novel to help the protagonist figure out why she awakened covered with blood and unable to remember anything she had done since just before midnight.                       

                       The Wolfing Moon

The midnight moon, icy white,
Rides the clouds across the night.
Its leering face is full tonight
Above a world misty bright.

Street lights gleam with swarthy glow
Onto pavement black below;
Ponds of lamplight together flow
Into moons within the stone.

The whimpering wind is damp and cold,
Laden with stench of leafy mold.
Brown leaves race across the stone,
Chased by demons of their own.

In those of us who bear the curse,
Again awakes the ancient thirst.
The changing swells within our breasts
As howling, we lost turn to beasts.

copyright Angela Parson Myers 2011


  1. Lots of vivid imagery...wonderful!! I could keep on reading :) Cheers, Jenn

  2. I'm usually not a poem person, but I liked this one.