Monday, July 25, 2011

All on a Summer’s Day

The prompt for this week is "summer" or "your favorite thing." We can take our choice or combine the two. Since I love to write and and I love my family, and this is admittedly somewhat autobiographical ; - ), I selected the first page of a short story I plan to put up on Amazon soon. 

Honey held the doll up and stuck her tongue out at it, but the gesture wasn’t very satisfying. She didn’t really have that much against this doll in particular, she just didn’t like dolls in general.
         Actually, this one was rather nice, for a doll. It was a Christmas doll, left under the tree by Santa. A lacy white dress covered its fabric body, and a tiny wig of real hair was stapled to its head. In a lot of ways the doll looked a lot like Honey. In fact, that was part of the reason she didn’t like it. The doll had golden-blond hair like hers, but its hair lay in a long, neat pageboy, while hers curled every which way around her face, with one curl hanging down onto her forehead so people were always saying, “There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead…” It made her want to puke.
         She tossed the doll aside and stood, hitching up her jeans and settling her holster low on her hip so the butt of her six-shooter brushed her wrist—the perfect position for a quick draw. She pulled her sombrero down on her brow so the glare of the sun wouldn’t ruin her aim.
         “There ain’t enough room in this here town for both of us,” she snarled at the doll. “Draw, you no-good so-and-so!”
         Her right hand flashed down to the pistol and jerked it out, her left hand fanning the hammer as she squatted in dueling position.
         “Kew! Kew-kew-kew-kew!” Then she added a “Ptieu-u-u!” for a ricochet.
         She straightened and raised the barrel of the six-gun to her lips to blow away imaginary smoke with satisfaction. She spun the gun on her finger forward, then backward, then flipped it into the holster. She stuck her thumbs into her gun belt and tried to stand bow-legged. She was the second-fastest draw in the entire neighborhood, even counting the big boys in the sixth grade. There was only one boy she wasn’t able to best. He said it was because he had a poker face, but she didn’t agree. He wasn’t that ugly or that skinny either.
         She bent down to pick up the doll to take it into the house. She wanted to be sure it got back in before evening, because she’d already ruined one doll last summer by leaving it out in the dew. Mom would be P.O.ed if she ruined another.


  1. LOL oh dear!! hehe So who loved the western shows in your home?? :) me 2 rather have a horse then a doll ANY Christmas or gift!! But Holsters and being a cow girl how cool is THIS! ((hugs))what great memories you have

  2. What a great post---oh being a kid again--not all of us girls are into them dolls. Cheers, Jenn!!

  3. Love this, tomboys are such fun!

  4. Spunky little girl isn't she? I agree that boy toys were always more fun.


  5. This reminded me of how I would strap on my six shooter only if I was wearing a dress or an apron! It's because I really was a girlie girl! BUT six shooters with caps were soooooo cool.
    Great memory and great story.

  6. My dad used to recite the "There once was a girl who had a little curl..." thing to me all the time. I objected, only because I was sure that I was never horrid. ;O)

    Great post--this one was fun!

  7. Took me straight back to me playing 'I'm the king of the castle' on a heap of bricks in the back yard, and various other not at all girly things I got up to as a kid. Loved it. Good luck when you publish it *hugs*

  8. I remember my mom used to get me cap guns when I was little--I would be surprised if they're still sold. Good story! :-)

  9. Yes, I did love Westerns, specifically Roy Rogers, who was my absolute favorite singing cowboy. And the cap guns were fun, but the sound just wasn't quite right. : - )

  10. What a fun post, I want to read more.