Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three Strikes for Simultaneous Success

When it comes to success in education, my family seems to like to experience it in multiples. I graduated from community college the same year my older daughter graduated from junior high, for example. But that was the last time my kids and I coincided. I was, after all, 46 before I finally got my bachelor's degree.

But my younger daughter and her family seems to be trying to set some kind of educational success intersection record. The year my younger daughter received her bachelor's of nursing, her daughter graduated from high school and her son from grade school. I took them to Disney World for a couple of days to celebrate. 

This year my daughter received her master's of nursing, her daughter graduated from community college, and her son from middle school. We're going to Disney World for a week this time. I hope this will be our last trip to Disney World for oh so many reasons. Thankfully, my daughter has chosen not to pursue her doctor's degree right now, and my granddaughter will be finishing her bachelor's degree, while my grandson has four years of high school ahead of him, so this should be the end of their coinciding graduations--I thought.

Then a couple of days ago, I realized that because my granddaughter is taking a year off to prepare a portfolio before entering a three-year program, she will graduate from college the same year her brother graduates from high school. In the meantime, their mother will be teaching next year while she decides if she wants to earn a doctor's degree, which could take three years. 


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  1. That made me giggle. Here's to a month at Disney then ;)

  2. A lot of your educational successes do coincide...and educational achievements are part of the best successes out there!! You have to be proud!! Jenn.

  3. If you guys combine graduation parties, you must save a bundle! ;O)

  4. Wow, your family has an impressive track record for education! Well done! I would love to have your educations with out the student loan bills. Great post about success!


  5. I still haven't graduated from college but I'm working on it! Great post!

  6. ??? NO to success...nah..say NO to SCHOOL LOANS!! LOVE 3'S!! AND DISNEY...guess that's where we are different. SPACE MOUNTAIN baybay! : ) fun post!

  7. I know how if feels to finish school late, I finished law school at 44. You seem to have a most successful family.
    A Pirate Looks Past Sixty

  8. MojoWritin: OMG, no! Maybe I can talk them into Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon next time.
    Kathy: Unfortunately, my daughter does have some bills, but hope to be able to help her through them.
    Kate: Don't give up. It took me forever (partly due to bad planning), but it it was worth it. I'm sure it also helped me get my dream job.
    pbquig: Good for you for finishing. I'm a firm believer in education, and I think I've used everything I've ever learned in some way--even that class in Old English. ; - )

  9. Way to go, all of you. This is a fun read and congratulations.

  10. Congrats on all of the successful accomplishments. That's great!


  11. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Some of us take a while. By the end of July, I should earn my associates in communications. I'm hoping to get my bachelors soon, but I'm learning (slowly) the power of patience. I guess I will see where the road takes me. Great post.

  12. Congratulations, you won the Overlord award! Pop by my place to pick it up ;)

  13. Okay! This blog completes another meaning of "success!" Great job, Mom!