Saturday, May 28, 2011

Picnic Season Has Arrived

I know picnic season has arrived because I'm fighting my yearly battle with ants in my kitchen. Can you blame me for fantasizing about revenge?

Barbeque Guests

With sun-bright shell and fragile limb,
When all the world is still and dim,
Before the dew and the setting sun,
On a muggy summer’s eve they come.

They dip and weave on gossamer wing,
Those that glow and those that sing,
In whining cloud or sparkling group,
String quartet or ballet troupe.

Like good performers, right on cue,
They join us in our barbeque.
So we, with heartfelt heavy sigh,
Turn on the bug-zapper and watch ‘em fry.

copyright Angela Parson Myers 2011


  1. When I lived in Indiana the mosquitos were often a pest and the bug zapper was a necessary entertainment. Then in Florida the ants in the kitchen were a year round problem, not to mention the roaches. Back here in the UK we just have midges to deal with in the evening, and of course the weather, which can rarely be trusted.

  2. I live about two hours from the Indiana border, and, yes, the mosquitoes have been known to carry off small children. : - ) I got acquainted with Florida ants when my parents lived there. And I got uncomfortably intimate with midges last year in Scotland. Much as I believe in live-and-let-live, I have limits. UK weather...yeah.